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Swarthghyll is our 293ha estate in a stunning location adjacent to the Pennine Way in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park. We have restored degraded peatland on the site, and we are working to create a thriving habitat for nature by planting a brand new woodland on the plantable areas.


trees to be planted in 2025


tonnes of carbon validated by the Peatland Code


peatland restored on site by blocking ditches and reprofiling

Location overview

Woodland Creation

Our aim is to plant 45ha of new mixed woodland, diverse in both composition and structure, to create healthy ecosystems and set the stage for future forests bursting with life.

Nature Restoration

We are always working to rejuvenate nature on our sites. Alongside our woodland and peatland work which helps boost biodiversity, we will also be carrying out targeted interventions to further enhance the land. In depth ecological surveys and habitat condition assessments will guide our nature restoration work towards targeted projects such as wetland enhancement, wildflower planting, or pond creation as appropriate.

Peatland Restoration

Previously drained and heavily grazed, the degraded peatland at Swarthghyll has now been restored through ditch blocking, hagg reprofiling and re-vegetating bare peat, safeguarding this precious natural habitat.

High-impact naturere storation and carbon removal, with integrity.

At Swarthghyll, we are focused on planting native trees and restoring peatland to remove carbon responsibly. We are enhancing wetlands to reduce flood risks and create a healthy habitats for wildlife.

Location data

The Swarthghyll woodland creation scheme work is underway, this page is being maintained with all of the documents,

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