Our UK Future Forests provide the breathing space we all need

We create new woodland, protect ancient woodlands, plant wildflower meadows and regenerate wetlands on our sites across the UK. Explore sites
We’ve got boots on the ground– our passionate team work across our UK sites. They plant trees, restore the land and help nature thrive. Explore sites
We actively work with volunteer groups from the local communities. We are dedicated to improving public access, enabling more individuals to immerse themselves in nature. Our team regularly organise planting events of wildflowers and trees for volunteers across our sites. Our goal is to create opportunities for citizen science, wildlife monitoring and transform our land into an inclusive outdoor classroom for a wide range of individuals.

Mill of Plunton

Mill of Plunton, a former farm being transformed into a mosaic of woodland and wildlife-rich wetlands and grasslands.


An award-winning 480ha hillside estate providing high-impact nature restoration.

Brisbane Mains

A vibrant 144ha of young and mature woodland, species-rich grasslands and peatland.

Glenaros Estate

A trailblazing 2,000 acre historic estate on the Isle of Mull changing the way we think about land managment.


Brawlbin is a 509ha farm on the shores of Loch Calder, renowned for its wetland habitats and endangered wildlife.


Leadloch, our 155-hectare site features ongoing nature and peatland restoration, plus woodland creation.


Located in the picturesque alloway & Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere.


Carston, a 66-hectare farm undergoing a remarkable transformation.


Montgreenan covers 15.2ha within East Ayrshire lowlands, a small site making a big impact.


Our Brodoclea covers 174ha, through our agroforestry practices the site is now a rich haven for wildlife.


Swarthghyll is our 345.5ha estate in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.