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Brawlbin is a 509ha sprawling farm on the shores of Loch Calder. Brawlbin sits within an extraordinary landscape that is renowned for its special wetland habitats and endangered wildlife.


managed to boost biodiversity and carbon capture


wetland being maintained for breeding birds and carbon capture


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Conserving Breeding Waders

Liaising with local experts, such as the RSPB, our FFC staff are working with our tenant grazier to actively support the regionally-important breeding wader populations and other birds that make their home at Brawlbin.Breeding waders have suffered severe declines across the UK over the last few decades but agricultural holdings in Caithness support a nationally important population of the five, key farmland species: curlew, lapwing, redshank, oystercatcher and snipe. FFC are currently exploring opportunities to implement our ambitious management plan for the site so we can greatly enhance these bird populations.

Bringing Habitats Back To Health

We are planning to work with our tenant grazier and other interested groups to bring our bog, marshes, grassland and heath habitats back to full health. This will include eradicating the existing sitka spruce invasion on our bogs and exploring opportunities to create new montane scrub; a rare habitat which is important to much wildlife.

Creating Wildflower-Rich Habitats

Brawlbin provides high quality, flower-rich habitats for the benefit of pollen and nectar dependent invertebrates, particularly the great yellow bumblebee. Having once occurred right across the UK, the great yellow bumblebee is now confined to some of the Scottish islands, and Caithness and Sutherland in the far north of mainland Scotland. The loss of flower-rich meadows is largely to blame for its decline and Brawlbin has the opportunity to create areas for this special species.

Restore Today, Flourish Tomorrow

At Brawlbin, we are focused on protecting endangered species and wetland habitat to lock up carbon and help nature to thrive. We also work on enhancing flower-rich habitats. Our projects aim to engage and benefit local communities while conserving the environment.

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