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Brisbane Mains covers 144ha in a mosaic of young and mature woodland, species-rich grasslands and peatland. The site includes the Knock Hill which overlooks the Firth of Clyde and the islands beyond.


trees planted, helping to create a vital habitat for wildlife


tonnes of carbon to be removed from the atmosphere over the next 100 years


wildflower meadow creation and nature restoration

Location overview

Woodland Creation

Brisbane Mains covers 144ha, where we have planted more than 290,000 trees. The majority of the trees planted are native birches, oaks, native shrubs and some Scots pine. There are elements of ancient woodland on the site, supporting species such as Giant Horsetail and beautiful Hazel and Alder woodlands. However, these areas are currently threatened by Rhododendron invasion and heavy browsing by roe deer and need to be managed.

Planting Wildflowers

We have undertaken detailed vegetation and condition assessments at Brisbane Mains, identifying several areas of marshy grassland and upland calcareous grassland. These meadows are rich in wildflowers, such as whorled caraway, ragged robin, wild thyme and wild pansy. They buzz with insect life being hotspots for pollinators such as bees and other insects. However, these areas are at threat from bracken invasion, incoming scrub and rush infestation. We will manage them to not only conserve but enhance their long term wildflower and insect diversity.

Wetland Restoration

Brisbane Mains has around 4ha of peatland that we plan to restore and manage in order to sequester more carbon. The blanket bog at Brisbane Mains is a little jewel within the site, supporting cranberry, orchids and thick mats of carbon-storing Sphagnum moss. Some of the peatland is in good condition but there are areas of invasive scrub and historic drainage. We will be undertaking ditch blocking and scrub removal to return the hydrology and vegetation of the site to a near natural condition.

Restore Today, Flourish Tomorrow

At Brisbane Mains, we are focused on planting native trees and wildflower meadows, alongside wetland restoration to remove carbon responsibly and help nature to thrive.

Location data

This page is being maintained with all of the documents and the surveys conducted at Brisbane Mains.

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