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Leadloch, our 155-hectare site located in the central belt of Scotland, features degraded peatland, improved grassland, fenland, and conifer shelter belts. Alongside ongoing woodland creation and peatland restoration initiatives, we have ambitious nature restoration goals for the future.


trees planted, helping to create a vital habitat for wildlife


tonnes of carbon to be removed from the atmosphere over the next 100 years


wildflower meadow and wetland enhancements

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Woodland Creation

We are planting thousands of trees across 65ha of the site. We plant mixed, native woodlands to create thriving habitats for wildlife. Non-native conifer species will be removed to restore peatland and birdlife. The woodland creation scheme will be registered with The Woodland Carbon Code, providing UK standard validation of carbon sequestration.

Nature Restoration

Our team has completed extensive surveys on the site, documenting more than 151 plant species, 22 breeding bird species, 10 butterfly and 6 mammal species. The ecological condition of the site is currently degraded, and our goal is to improve it significantly, transforming Leadloch into a thriving wildlife hub in Central Scotland.

Peatland Restoration

Working alongside Peatland ACTION and validated by the Peatland Code, we will block ditches, create bunds, perform forest to bog restoration and sphagnum moss translocation. This will return the hydrology and vegetation of the peatland to a near natural state, enhancing native biodiversity and locking in carbon for generations to come. The peatland site is also forming part of the Forth-ERA catchment monitoring project run by the University of Stirling.

High-impact nature restoration and carbon removal, with integrity

At Leadloch we are planting primarily native trees to capture carbon at scale. alongside enhancing nature on the site through improving the condition of key wetland and grassland habitats. We are restoring degraded peatland by bringing together environmental science and in-the-field experience.

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The Leadloch woodland creation scheme has now been approved and work is underway, this page is being maintained with all of the documents.

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