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Our Brodoclea Woodland Farm covers 174ha and is home to our woolly pigs, our ecological restoration engineers. Brodoclea is a rich tapestry weaving together the heritage of those who have farmed the land for centuries and the needs of the wildlife that calls this hillside its home.


plant species recorded, plus 31 breeding bird species, 10 butterfly and 6 mammal species


mature woodland under sensitive management


wildflower meadow and wetland enhancements

Location overview

Woodland Creation

Tree planting on Brodoclea has been taking place over several years. The site boasts areas of mature woodland, creating a diverse reforested landscape with trees at every stage of life. We will continue to plant a mixture of trees using a range of tree species, extending existing woodland habitat networks to help nature thrive.


At Brodoclea Woodland Farm we manage the Woolly Pig Company, a small scale organic farming enterprise, the farming activities enhance the woodland rather than the other way round. Our woodland and farm activities are entirely integrated. Brodoclea is home to our woolly pigs. To support our ongoing work at Brodoclea, we retail 60-80 pigs a year which are then sold directly to customers through our online shop The Woolly Pig Company.

Nature Restoration

At Brodoclea Woodland Farm, a diverse range of wildlife thrives, including brown hares, glue-stick fungus, and seven species of butterflies, with more yet to be discovered. Our commitment to holistic land management is evident in our careful documentation of the wildlife. With over 40 bird species, including those of high conservation importance, and more than 30 breeding species, Brodoclea is a haven for avian life. The gorges and wetlands within the young woodland compartments are rich in wildflowers, adding to the vibrant ecosystem of the farm.

Helping nature thrive

Brodoclea Woodland Farm spans 174 ha of woodland of all ages, boasting 33,000 trees planted and over 15,000 sqm of wildflower-rich wetland and meadow enhancement. A diverse mix of 15,000 sqm of mature woodland are under being sensitively managed by our team. Over 40 bird species have been recorded, including species of high conservation concern. Through our nature restoration work we are actively creating a sanctuary for a rich variety of wildlife. Our agroforestry enterprise integrates trees, crops and animals to create exceptionally productive and resilient ecosystems.

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