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An award-winning 480ha hillside estate providing high-impact nature restoration.


trees planted, helping to create a vital habitat for wildlife


woodland creation, providing protected areas for nature to thrive


wildflower meadow and wetland enhancements, plus 28,800 sqm of grassland managed for rare butterflies

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Woodland Creation

We have extended existing woodland habitat networks and enhanced nature by planting over 330,000 trees using a range of tree species. Through surveys of the area including breeding birds, archaeology, vegetation and soils we've matched the right species to where they will contribute most to the environment. Our sensitive woodland design has retained open ground to conserve important archaeological and wildlife interests along with the essence of Dumyat itself.

Protecting Endangered Species

At Dumyat, we are lucky to have several endangered species of conservation concern including red squirrels, the Northern brown argus butterfly, the Small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly and one of Scotland’s rarest flowers, Sticky catchfly. We plan to transform ecologically degraded grasslands and wetlands into wildflower and pollinator havens, providing a safe habitat for endangered species and to create a landscape teaming with wildlife.

Wetland Restoration

Blairlogie boasts an ancient pond and wet ditches that have become overgrown and filled with silt, along with invasive non-native Rhododendron thickets. Our goal is to revive the pond and convert it, along with the wet ditches, into thriving habitats for wildlife. Additionally, we have plans to establish fresh wetland scrapes that will serve as homes for wetland flowers, insects, and birds like the Snipe.

Restore Today, Flourish Tomorrow

At Dumyat, we are focused on planting native trees and restoring woodland in areas like Dumyat, Menstrie Glen, and Blairlogie to remove carbon responsibly. We also work on enhancing wetlands and meadows with wildflowers, as well as creating ponds. Our projects are aim to engage and benefit local communities while preserving the environment.

Location data

The Dumyat woodland creation scheme has now been approved and work is underway, this page is being maintained with all of the documents and the survey form is being checked every week if you’d like to get in touch.

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