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Carston, a 66-hectare livestock farm nestled in the picturesque Ayrshire countryside, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. We are converting the land into a vibrant woodland, complete with charming small wetlands teeming with wildlife and enchanting wildflower meadows.


trees planted, helping to create a vital habitat for wildlife


tonnes of carbon to be removed from the atmosphere over the next 100 years


wildflower meadow, plus 11,000 sqm of wetland enhancement

Location overview

Woodland Creation

We are creating new woodland to supercharge carbon removal, neutralise climate change, and boost biodiversity, with a secondary objective of producing some high quality native timber which can be managed under continuous cover forestry in the future.

Nature Restoration

Largely made up of uniform open pasture, Carston is not currently rich in wildlife. We hope to change this through our nature-first restoration work. The wettest areas of Carston beside its wet ditches are locally important for wintering birdlife, with large numbers of snipe feeding on the site alongside heron. Our surveys will help us see if species such as otters use the wet ditches alongside other plant and animal species.

Wetland & Wildflowers

We have planted some areas with wildflowers, which will result in more pollinators appearing on the site. We have planted, amongst others, Meadowsweet, Water aven and Wild Angelica, the latter is loved by hoverflies as the flowers suit their feeding abilities. During spring and summer 2024 we will be carrying out an otter survey, breeding bird survey and full vegetation survey of the site.

Restore Today, Flourish Tomorrow

At Carston, we are focused on planting native trees and restoring wetland to remove carbon responsibly and help nature thrive. We also work on creating wildflower meadows. Our projects are community-driven, aiming to engage and benefit local communities while preserving the environment.

Location data

This page is being maintained with all of the documents and the surveys carried out at Carston.

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