Case Study: Greenhouse Communication's Commitment to Nature-Based Carbon Projects

Case Study: Greenhouse Communication's Commitment to Nature-Based Carbon Projects

Published April 3, 2024

In the face of the ever-increasing climate crisis, addressing carbon emissions has become paramount for businesses and individuals alike. 

However, the intricacies surrounding carbon’s regulatory frameworks can be overwhelming and add uncertainty. 

The first point of action must always be to reduce emissions as much as possible. However, nature-based carbon projects can be a useful tool in helping to mitigate a business’s residual emissions.

Through the support of partners like Greenhouse Communications, who are investing in our award-winning woodland creation and peatland restoration carbon projects, we are able to continue to fund critical restoration projects. 

Meet Greenhouse Communications, a Specialist Green Communications Agency

Greenhouse Communication is an award-winning team of communication experts, committed to delivering social and environmental impact on a global scale.

As a B Corp, they believe that businesses can be a force for good. They believe passionately in the power of communications to help shift the world, its industries, policymakers, and people, to net zero by 2030.

The Future Forest Company Hare's Tale

Greenhouse's Commitment to Climate Action 

Greenhouse holds an uncompromising mission to foster positive social and environmental change. 

Greenhouse is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative. They have developed a programme to actively reduce their emissions across the business to work towards net-zero. Additionally, they have invested in The Future Forest Company's high-integrity carbon projects to offset residual emissions.

"We are a business driven by our mission to drive positive social and environmental change and that includes accelerating climate action and restoring nature and biodiversity. Nature has a critical role in addressing climate change and we can’t limit warming to 1.5C without protecting and restoring nature at scale." Greenhouse Communications

Proactive Steps Towards Sustainability

Greenhouse has undertaken a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment, spanning scopes 1, 2, and 3, to truly gauge their environmental impact. 

This thorough evaluation has paved the way for a well-defined Science Based Targets plan and an EMS framework.

A dedicated team at Greenhouse ensures the EMS (Environmental Management System) is not just a paper commitment but a genuine effort.

Their steps towards reducing their impact include

  • Greenhouse runs entirely on 100% renewable energy.
  • The firm emphasises vegetarian and sustainable food consumption.
  • Collaborative efforts with suppliers are underway to guarantee they align with Greenhouse's eco-friendly commitments.
  • The company promotes green initiatives among employees, offering benefits like electric vehicle leasing, carbon-neutral mobile network credits, additional holidays for slow travel, and a cycle-to-work scheme.

FFC Sunlight through the leaves of a tree

Greenhouse Communication on Choosing Carbon Units with Transparency, Traceability and Authenticity 

"The Future Forest Company was incredibly knowledgeable and provided great insight into the integrity and the impact of the carbon projects across both the woodland and peatland portfolios. This information enabled us to make good decisions on what to invest in for the business and to restore nature." - Greenhouse Communications

At The Future Forest Company, our nature-based carbon reduction projects provide high-quality carbon units with transparency, traceability and authenticity, validated and audited by the revered Woodland Carbon Code and the Peatland Carbon Code.

Both the Woodland Carbon Code and the Peatland Carbon Code are internationally recognised standards endorsed by the ICROA (International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance), the global overarching organisation for carbon reduction and offset providers. The Woodland Carbon Code and the Peatland Carbon Code also both run one-hundred-year projects, ensuring the permanence of the projects they accredit and their monitoring and maintenance into the future.

The Future Forest Company - Butterfly and wildflower

The Future Forest Company x Greenhouse Communications, Investing in Nature for Our Future 

At The Future Forest Company, our award-winning woodland creation and peatland restoration carbon projects put nature first. 

When businesses like Greenhouse Communications partner with us, their investment goes far beyond mitigating their excess carbon emissions. They are helping to safeguard the forests of tomorrow, for future generations, and protecting biodiverse habitats that provide a host of benefits to nature and local communities.

The Future Forest Company Carbon Project - Peatland Restoration

Greenhouse Communications deeply resonated with our peatland projects, which address the accelerated release of carbon from degraded peatlands. 

Peatlands are a vast natural carbon store. Degraded peatlands are releasing carbon back out into the atmosphere 20 times faster than it is being sequestered. Peatland restoration and protection are vital in our fight against climate change.

We have several peatland restoration projects across the UK, we aim to improve biodiversity and lock up carbon. Restored, healthy peatlands are home to specialised plant and animal life. They also positively contribute to biodiversity gain alongside carbon storage and natural flood and wildfire mitigation.

We work alongside organisations such as Peatland ACTION in order to achieve the highest standard of restoration and monitoring.

The Future Forest Company Ancient Woodland

Moreover, The Future Forest Company's woodland carbon projects aligned with Greenhouse Communications' mission to create a positive environmental impact. 

On our twelve UK sites, we plant a diverse species mix of predominantly native broadleaf trees. These are monitored by our in-house forestry and ecology experts to ensure that the woodlands we establish stay healthy and can thrive long into the future. 

Beyond carbon capture and storage, woodland creation also comes with a host of other benefits, including habitat creation, flood prevention, and improvements to air and water quality.

"The collaborative approach, inspiring and working with other people and organisations, education and supporting others to understand more and see the impact that can be made through business investing in the restoration of nature, is a big reason why we want to be a part of the mission."- Greenhouse Communications

Invest in nature, for our future

Businesses Taking Positive Climate Action 

We're always deeply inspired by our partners like Greenhouse who are taking action despite the challenges they may face in doing so. 

Greenhouse Communications demonstrates that businesses can and should play a pivotal role in addressing the climate crisis and restoring nature to secure a more sustainable future for us all. 

Learn more about our nature-based carbon projects.

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