A Year of Impact at The Future Forest Company

A Year of Impact at The Future Forest Company

Published April 3, 2024

2023 has been a year of tremendous impact for us at The Future Forest Company!

Together with our partners, we have made remarkable strides in conserving nature and contributing to the fight against climate change through our woodland creation, peatland restoration, nature conservation and nature-based carbon projects.

1,000,000 trees in the ground!

This past year, we achieved a significant milestone by putting our millionth tree in the ground. These trees stand as symbols of hope and resilience, each one contributing to a more sustainable future.

David Elliott, The Future Forest Company CEO said, "Last winter was our busiest planting season to date - resulting in one million trees in the ground! An amazing achievement, given we are still a comparatively young business.This is a huge credit to the team, our partners, investors, and the many others who have collectively made it possible for us to get to this point."

From conserving nature and creating woodlands to restoring degraded peatland and supporting diverse wildlife habitats, discover the significant impact we've achieved in our annual impact report.

Inside you'll discover:

The Future Forest Company Dumyat site - 1 million trees planted
The Future Forest Company wildflowers
The Future Forest Company Peatland restored

Reforestation highlights:

We planted our millionth tree, completed 3 remarkable reforestation projects, and have even more in the pipeline for the coming months!

Peatland highlights:

This year, we completed 2 peatland restoration projects, and we have restored 77.3 hectares of peatland!

Nature highlights:

From creating our biggest pond yet and supporting biodiversity to carrying out 23 ecological surveys and planting 12,000 wildflowers, our year has been filled with incredible nature restoration successes!

Do you want to help us make an even bigger impact in 2024?

Learn more about how your business can join our mission and help plant trees, restore nature and invest in nature-based carbon projects.

The Future Forest Company Team

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