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Choose the Wildflower Meadow Planting Sponsorship to help conserve, restore and create wildflower meadows today. Your sponsorship will contribute to the conservation and management of our wildflower meadows. Support wildflower meadow sowing, planting and management and help the recovery of our bee and other vital pollinator populations. Choosing the Wildflower Meadow Planting Sponsorship will make a big impact towards reversing the current nature crisis and giving our bees a boost.

By choosing a Wildflower Meadow Planting Sponsorship:

✔️ You'll be healing the planet
✔️ You're helping to protect and restore our key pollinators, like bumblebees
✔️ It'll benefit future generations
✔️ You'll be bringing colour and life back to our lands


We have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows in the UK. Wildflower meadows are incredibly diverse habitats, supporting a wealth of flowers, insects, and other animals. Most of our wildflower meadows have disappeared due to changes in farming practices, with others being lost as our cities, towns and villages have expanded to cater for an increasing UK population. Those meadows that remain continue to be at risk through neglect and inappropriate management.

The good news is that we can reverse this trend through the creation of new meadows using native seed and reintroducing the right management to them, such as hay-cutting and light grazing. Wildflower meadows are a key habitat to many increasingly rare wildflowers, such as orchids, and provide essential sources of food for some of our favourite insects, such as bumblebees and butterflies, in an otherwise hostile environment.

A little-known fact is that healthy wildflower meadows can also store significant amounts of carbon in their soils. They therefore contribute much to a healthy ecosystem.

Project details:

Have a positive impact towards reversing the nature crisis.
Choose a Wildflower Meadow Planting Sponsorship to have a long-term impact.
All projects are carried out using low-key best practice methods and are managed by our professional ecological and agricultural teams.

The Future Forest Company manages sites which currently have degraded meadows or have the potential to see new meadows created for the future. We only use native wildflower seeds in our sowing activities and we only team up with local flower nurseries who can grow on our wildflower plants without using peat.

To help do all this work, we have our own in-house Ecologist and Agriculture specialists who manage these areas and who carry out regular site surveys and planning to ensure we do things right. This includes monitoring how wildflowers, bees and butterflies respond to our management.

What you'll receive:
You'll get our newsletter where our experts will update you on our Wildflower Meadow planting projects.