Ancient Woodland Protection

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Help us to protect Ancient Woodland today. Your contribution will benefit the protection and restoration of our ancient woodlands, a precious forest ecosystem here in the UK. 

By choosing to fund UK Ancient Woodland Protection you are:

✔️ Conserving and restoring some of our rarest habitat and its wildlife
✔️ Benefiting future generations who may not otherwise experience these special places
✔️ Helping to conserve these important ecosystems


Development, overgrazing, and the spread of invasive species like rhododendron, are just some of the threats currently affecting our ancient woodlands. Ancient woodlands and the wildlife contained within them have co-evolved for thousands of years, creating diverse, distinctive and valuable ecosystems that cannot be re-created. Each individual ancient veteran tree is an ecosystem in its own right supporting rich communities of flora, fauna, lichens and fungi.

Project details:

Choose an Ancient Woodland on-off purchase to have a long-term impact. All projects are carried out using best practice methods and are managed by our professional ecological and forestry teams. The Future Forest Company manages a number of sites with ancient woodland, including Glenaros and Dumyat.

At Glenaros, we have significant areas of the very special Atlantic Hazelwood. We are actively controlling invasive species, such as rhododendron, which are nearby, in order to stop them invading our woodlands. To help do all this work, we have our own in-house Ecologist and Forestry specialists who manage these areas. All our work involves regular monitoring, this includes monitoring key species like rare lichens and fungi.

What you'll receive:
You'll  receive our newsletter where our experts will update you on our ancient woodland management and restoration projects.