10 Trees - Monthly Subscription

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Sponsor 10 trees per month today. By choosing to sponsor 10 trees per month:
✔️ You're doing good for the planet
✔️ You'll give animals a home
✔️ It'll benefit future generations
✔️ You'll be healing the ecosystem

Project details:

  • All projects are aligned with the United Nations SDGs.
  • We carry out regular audits to review and track the survival rate of our saplings, and we ensure any saplings that do not survive are replanted in the first 5 years of growth.
  • This tree product does not account as a carbon credit
  • You will receive your certificate within 24hrs 

What you'll receive:

  • You'll get an e-certificate complete with a unique photograph of your sapling perfect for gifting a loved one, complete with the what3Words location and species of your tree.