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When you become a tree planting partner with Future Forest Company, you'll be given a special digital certificate that you can proudly showcase on your social media platforms, blog, and website.

Personalise your certificate for your colleagues, clients, and customers.

  • Select the number of trees that you'd like to sponsor
  • Simply, input the name of the recipient and their email address  
  • Customise your digital certificate, add your company name, upload your company logo and type a message that you'd like to appear on your certificate e.g 'Company Name' are sponsoring UK trees to restore nature and fight climate change'
  • This tree product does not account as a carbon credit
  • You will receive your certificate within 24hrs 

Your unique digital certificate will feature, the what.3.words location of your tree, the species and a photograph of your tree in the ground (and yes, come rain or shine, our foresters do photograph your actual tree!)

You’ll also receive a welcome pack with images, fun tree facts and graphics to share, plus regular monthly newsletters with updates from our projects.

We offer complete flexibility and have lots of trees ready to be sponsored, you can start or cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Need help? Please contact us and one of our account managers can help.