Plant a Tree


Good business is business that’s good for the planet

The Future Forest has a carbon footprint of less than zero – it removes more than it produces. That’s how we do business. That’s how we should all do business.


Trees Not Tees

Every year millions of unwanted event t-shirts are given away at a huge cost to our environment. The process of making a single tee uses the equivalent of 2.5 years of drinking water for one person, and produces over 2kg of CO2 emissions.

Trees Not Tees works with race directors and event organisers across the UK to offer their participants an easy win, climate saving trees instead of unwanted polluting tees.


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The Birch Syrup Company

The birch trees in our forests provide us with one of nature’s finest raw ingredients, birch sap. Harvested during an incredibly brief annual season we take this rare, raw sap and turn it into natural birch products like our award winning Loch Ness Birch Syrup or our Pure Highland Birch Water.


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