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As individuals and businesses, NOW is our time to stand up and make a difference. See what other companies are doing below!


A tree for every new customer

Think: “every time you shop with us, we plant a tree in the UK”. More and more companies are looking to link tree planting to their customer base. With all our forests in the UK, we can help you and your customers make a tangible impact, with each customer receiving a personalised  e-certificates of their tree.


We plant a tree for every employee

It’s time for greener starter packs and sustainable employee gifts. With employees increasingly environmentally-focused, giving the gift of a tree can help set the tone of your green office culture, with each employee receiving a personalised e-certificate of their tree each year. You can even plan a team trip to our site on Mull to visit the project!


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Trees for every client project

Think: “for every client project we deliver, we plant 20 trees in the UK”. By planting trees on behalf of your clients, you can highlight the green culture within your business. Companies are including the visual tree data within their post-project summary to highlight the green impact of their work together.



Businesses partnering with The Future Forest Company will be able to  visit the projects in locations such as the Isle of Mull,  experiencing the impact of your partnership firsthand, whilst making the most of the opportunities on our doorstep. Enjoy local eco-activities, meeting our woolly pigs, sea kayaking and stargazing. By partnering with us year on year, you’ll see how your forest grows each time you visit and how the ecosystem and wildlife it hosts develops.

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Reforestation done properly

All our land and forests are UK based, guided by environmental principles first and foremost. We will always plant the right tree in the right place, all species native to the area, for example: birch, alder, oak and rowan.


Trees that are here to stay

We own the land our trees are planted on, so we can guarantee permanence of the forest and carbon sequestered – once it’s planted, it will stay. Many other tree planting projects have poor protections around this, selling future carbon with no guarantee the tree will still be there.



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Carbon offsetting

The Future Forest Company also offer high grade carbon offsets from our sites in the UK. Contact us on hello@thefutureforestcompany.com to discuss in more detail if you are focused on offsetting.

Together we can plant the forests of the future, today.