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Reforesting The UK: Field Notes From The Forest


We’re busy reforesting the UK, one tree at a time! Here’s our monthly update from the forest. We planted a further 6,000 trees at our Brodoclea Forest in October. We were also very pleased to welcome Ken our new Agroforestry Lead, who will be working at Brodoclea. Ken brings a wealth of experience having worked on organic farms and managed a large estate for many years.

Ken our new Agroforestry Lead and Tess

Why are we reforesting the UK?

We buy land in the UK with the sole purpose of sequestering carbon. Trees are the most efficient way to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. However, the risk is that they’ll burn in a wildfire or be cut down, by focusing on reforesting the UK those risks are almost zero. Scotland has a wet climate with few wildfires. The Future Forest Company owns the land outright, so we can be sure that the trees are planted and managed properly for many years to come.

The Glenaros Estate, Mull shot by the Scottish Photography Centre

The Future Forest Company are heading to Mull!

Back in July we acquired The Glenaros Estate on the east coast of Mull in Scotland. The hill ground on the estate provides the potential for creating a beautiful, healthy forest. The 2000 acre estate offers us the capacity to plant up to 1 million trees!

Our estate has excellent views towards the sound of Mull and hills of Movern. The River Aros flows for about 5 miles, rising up from a series of burns, winding through the glorious Glen Aros down to the estuary mouth. Towards the southern boundary there’s a historic natural oak woodland, planted originally on the instructions of the Duke of Argyll.

Our new Mull forest will be home to a spectacular variety of wildlife. There is an abundance of wildlife on Mull with 123 different species of birds including the white-tailed sea eagle, as well as hedgehogs, rabbits, deer, sheep and sea life found around the coastline including minke whales, porpoises and dolphins! We’re thrilled that our forest will be home to such a spectacular variety of wildlife.

Following the land purchase, we have been busy mending fences, relocating our woolly pigs and planning. Our aim is to reforest and restore the 2000 acre / 800 hectare estate. We also plan to use CO2 sequestration technologies to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere, keeping us below the 1.5 degrees of warming agreed in the Paris Agreement.

The new humbug piglets!

We welcomed more woolly piglets

We welcomed ten new humbug piglets to The Future Forest Company team in October. All the piglets are healthy and growing stronger by the day. It’s easy to see why they are called “humbug piglets” as you can see in this picture, they have very distinctive stripes. They will be out churning up the soil and preparing the land ready for planting in no time!

Biochar and beyond…

In other news, we are very pleased to announce that The Future Forest Company are in the process of appointing a Biochar Project Manager who will be managing the set-up of our Biochar Project on The Glenaros Estate on Mull.

The Future Forest Company Team.