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Hello, We’re The Future Forest Company!


Hello and welcome to The Future Forest Company blog! We’re on a mission to remove as much excess CO2 from the atmosphere as we can, in order to avoid the most disastrous effects of global warming and the climate crisis. As as our website says, we’re unf*cking the future! We’ll be sharing regular updates on what we’re up to and a little behind the scenes fun here on the blog.

So, What Does The Future Forest Company Do?

Here at The Future Forest Company we’re working hard towards achieving our mission to remove as much excess CO2 from the atmosphere as we can. We’re busy planting forests, millions of trees, growing a climate solution which removes significant amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Our Carbon Removal Technologies

We’ve expanded from using reforestation alone to co-deploying reforestation with biochar and new carbon removal technologies, which we are super excited about and will be sharing more detail on this in future blog posts.

Wooly Pigs - The Future Forest Company
Woolly Pigs in the forest.

Meet Our Woolly Mangalitsa Pigs

As well as planting trees, we have woolly pigs on our forest sites. Our woolly Mangalitsa pigs are always hard at work. They’re an eco-friendly asset to The Future Forest Company team! These little piggies are wonderful for soil regeneration, clearing bracken, churning up soil and spreading manure. This all adds to restoring the important biodiversity of the forest floor. Our curly-haired friends ​hardy nature means they can live in the forest with little intervention, in fact they love to live outdoors. 

The Future Forest Company- Jim Mann
Founder, Jim in the forest.

Become A Tree Planting Partner

We’re proud to work with some incredible tree planting partners such as Ecologi and Project Wren, who enable individuals and businesses to plant trees and offset their carbon emissions. ​If you work for or manage a company and would like to reduce your environmental footprint by planting trees with us, get in touch today.

By choosing to plant with The Future Forest Company, you will have the opportunity to visit our sites in Scotland for annual team visits, including tours of the reforestation project, as well as locally organised eco-activities, such as sea kayaking and stargazing. Plus, full board accommodation including space for team presentations!

Companies already partnering with us have launched initiatives such as ‘plant a tree for every customer’, which is a great way to share a positive eco-message and inspire others!

Join Us..

We hope that you’ll enjoy following our ongoing work and who knows maybe even get involved? You can check for any opportunities to join our team on our Careers Page. To be kept up to date on any future volunteer opportunities, please sign up to our newsletter.

Let’s grow together.